Obtaining finance

Can I afford to buy a business?

When considering your financing options, it is important to consider both your short and long-term needs. Failing to consider long-term implications of a business financing structure or undercapitalizing a business may impact the viability of the business.

There are a number of sources to find the money to finance a purchase of, or  grow, a business, as follows:

  • equity – by way of using your own money;
  • persuade family and friends to invest in your business;
  • traditional bank finance;
  • alternative financing such as through private equity firms and venture capital firms;
  • government grants; and
  • vendor financing.

Business Brokers can help you identify possible financing sources and provide avenues that are suitable for the long-term success of your business.  In order to ensure the financing request processes are addressed appropriately, your business consultant will provide assistance with the financing process and negotiations. Throughout the process we will ensure all parties are working on the same time lines and towards the same goals.

Strong relationships and alliances with financiers

Business Brokers have developed strong relationships with banks, finance brokers, investment bankers, private equity firms, venture capital firms and other specialized lenders who may be able to help you leverage your investments so you do not have to liquidate them.  Whether you are working with us on your purchase or not, we can put you in touch with these resources, so please feel free to contact us.